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For Lenders Interested in Offering a Solar Loan Product


Why Offer Solar Loans?

  • Solar Lending can open a new business opportunity.
  • Solar Loans are an opportunity to engage new customers (90% of program loans were a new lender relationship).
  • Solar is a revenue generating asset for the borrower, and annual savings/revenue from the system will often exceed the annual loan payments.
  • Solar Lending can support your community goals.


Toolkit for Launching a Solar Loan Product

From 2015 - 2020, MassCEC helped 17 lenders originate $180 Million in residential loans through the Mass Solar Loan program. MassCEC has developed these resources with insights from the program to support lenders in launching their own product.

Loan Performance

Performance data for loans that came through the program can be found on our Loan Performance Data page.

External Resources

If your institution is interested in a solar loan product (or has already launched one) we are interested in hearing from you and hope the above resources can be helpful in the launch/operation of your product. Please reach out to with any questions.


Regarding Existing Mass Solar Loan Projects:

For existing and in process loans that came through the Mass Solar Loan program, please follow these steps:

  1. Once the project has been completed, MassCEC will notify you via email that the final 65 percent of the loan may be disbursed. This email will also alert you if any changes have been made to the project that may reduce loan support amounts.
  2. List the final disbursement on your next monthly report to MassCEC and receive the remaining applicable Interest Rate Buy Down and any applicable Income Based Loan Support. 


  • Monthly reports should continue to be submitted at the beginning of each month. Reports should be provided each month if there are any relevant changes:
    • Changes to loan statuses (i.e. projects reaching full term period, or complete (fully paid off) status),
    • Changes to delinquency information for any program loans (number of times 30, 60, 90 days late or defaults)
    • Please remember to use our monthly report template.
  • Annual reports are due in January each year. Please remember to use our annual report template