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Solar electricity can provide you with lower cost electricity. Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Learn about solar electricity.
  2. Use the Mass Solar Loan consumer dashboard to learn about solar costs and loan interest rates under the Mass Solar Loan program.
  3. Receive a price quote from a pre-qualified Mass Solar Loan installer (Downloadable List).
  4. Select an installer and sign a solar system installation contract. The contract should be contingent on receiving a loan from a participating Mass Solar Loan lender (Downloadable List). Assist your installer in completing the Mass Solar Loan technical application in the Mass Solar Loan online portal. Your installer will help you determine if you are considered income qualified and which corresponding loan support you are eligible for.
  5. Provide your tax information to the third-party income verifier via their secure online form, if you are applying for income qualification. You will receive an email providing instructions for filing the right forms.
  6. After your installer completes the technical application for your project in the online portal, you will receive a Technical Confirmation document via email. Provide the Technical Confirmation to a participating bank or credit union. While terms may vary, lenders will offer 10-year fixed-rate loans between $3,000 and $35,000. Lenders also have the discretion of offering loans up to $60,000. For Non-Income Qualified customers and Moderate Income customers, the maximum market interest rate from lenders is 6 percent. For Low Income customers eligible for the Interest Rate Buy Down, the maximum interest rate is 4.5%. 
  7. As you close a loan with your preferred lender, the lender will reserve support funds (if applicable) in the Mass Solar Loan portal. The lender will then disburse 35 percent of your loan amount, at which point an interest-only period begins (up to 12 months) while your solar system is being constructed.
  8. After your solar system has been connected to the electric grid, your installer will file project completion documents. Upon approval of those documents, the remaining 65 percent of your loan will be disbursed.
  9. If you qualified for Income Based Loan Support, this will be paid to your lender in our monthly payment cycle, in the month following your project’s completion approval. Once received, your lender will apply this incentive to your loan principal. Please see the FAQ for more details

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