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Installers must meet MassCEC guidelines to participate in the Mass Solar Loan program. Contractors who have previously attained Expedited status under the Commonwealth Solar II rebate program are automatically eligible to participate in the program.  

If you are a solar installer interested in Mass Solar Loan, please complete your eligibility application in the Mass Solar Loan Application Portal to receive login information.

For more information on registering for the program as installer, please consult the installer registration guideinstaller quick start guide and application portal overview webinar.

Additionally, new installers looking to become eligible to participate in the program must complete a pre-qualification process, as described in Attachment D of the Mass Solar Loan program manual.

For more details on program eligibility, please consult the Mass Solar Loan program manual.

Once eligibility is confirmed, installers should follow the steps below:

  1. Inform potential participating residents about the Mass Solar Loan program. This flyer may be helpful in educating consumers on how the program works.
  2. Sign a turnkey solar contract, which must be contingent on the resident receiving a loan from an approved Mass Solar Loan lender. The anticipated project cost included in this contract should be as accurate a representation of this system as possible, as the customer’s loan and potential loan support provided by MassCEC will be based on the expected system costs. Increased system costs after loan support is reserved will not be eligible for additional loan support. 
  3. Submit a technical application through the Mass Solar Loan application portal. See Installer Portal Step-by-Step Instructions in the Installer Quick Start Guide for a detailed review of using the portal and this webinar overview of the application process.
  4. Once the technical application has been approved, a Technical Confirmation document will be sent via email. The resident should present the Technical Confirmation to one or more participating lenders to apply for a Mass Solar Loan. 
  5. After the lender reserves program loan support in the portal and closes the loan, the lender will disburse 35 percent of the loan funds via a two-party check, to both the resident and the installer. All parties will also receive email confirmation that any applicable loan support funding has been reserved.
  6. Installers should proceed with constructing the solar project. Once the system is interconnected to the grid, installers will upload project completion documents to the Solar Loan Portal. Detailed instructions can be found in the Installer Portal Step-by-Step Instructions in the Installer Quick Start Guide.
  7. After final review and approval of the project completion documents, MassCEC will inform the lender to proceed with the final disbursement of the loan amount via a two-party check.

For more information, please see these installer frequently asked questions.

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